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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

Exploring the Eyre Highway
Exploring the Eyre Highway
Across the Nullarbor

Adelaide to Perth
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Travelling the Eyre Highway - Across the Nullarbor is an adventure trail that everyone should follow at least once in a lifetime. The beauty, the desolation, driving the longest stretch of straight road anywhere in the world,  are experiences not to be forgotten.

The trail is extended via the above highways and York Peninsula's Copper Coast. It  takes in the pristine beauty of Eyre Peninsula's beaches and the southern Western Australian coastline. Marine wildlife is plentiful, especially during the whale season between May and October when whales migrate to the warmer waters where their calves are born. They can be seen from lookout points along the Nullarbor and at times along the coast. Humpback whales frequent Albany. There are fresh seafood feasts at the coastal towns where fish are caught and oysters harvested daily. Follow the Aquaculture Trail around Eyre Peninsula. There are top wineries to visit in both states.

The spectacular wildflowers of Western Australia are not to be missed and the beautiful Stirling Ranges are well worth a few days exploring. You drive through the broad acre wheat fields in both South and Western Australia - green turns to gold at harvest time. The Goldfields around Kalgourlie/Boulder to Southern Cross are not to be missed. There is the Superpit where a lookout gives you a bird's eye view. If you look carefully, you can see the tunnels of the old mines, dug hundreds of metres underground.

The magnificent buildings of the gold towns display the opulence of gold fever times. There is much to explore and excellent Museums bring the past to life.

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