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The Oodnadatta Track and the Stuart Highway

Top End Travel Tips

Driving in the Top End

Tips to make your holiday enjoyable and safe

Avoid Fatigue - driving long distances in hot weather can cause dehydration and fatigue. STOP for a break every two hours, stretch your legs and change drivers. Carry and drink plenty of water.
Speed - Travel at speeds that suits the road, vehicle, driving experience and weather conditions, that will allow you to stop safely.
Seat Belts - Wear and ensure all passengers wear seat belts. A seat belt can save your life or prevent serious injury.
Alcohol - Even a small amount can affect your judgement. If you are driving dot drink alcohol.
Rollover Accidents - are a major cause of death. If you drift off the edge of the road, let the vehicle gradually slow down, keeping the wheels straight and without braking ease the car back on the road.
Road Trains - are up to 53.5 metres long, have three trailers and travel up to 100 kms per hour. Allow at least one km of clear road ahead before overtaking. A road train needs a long distance to stop, so allow enough space between you and following road trains before you stop or slow down.
Caravans - Convoys should leave at least 200 metres between vehicles so that other vehicles, including road trains, are able to overtake.
Animals and Birds - may be on the road and are most active at sunset, sunrise and at night. Slow down and sound the horn. Do not swerve to miss animals.
Dust - Vehicles on unsealed roads can raise a dust cloud that will obscure your vision. Slow down or stop until the dust has settled. Leaving your headlights on will help other drivers to see you through the dust.
Road Conditions - can change rapidly, especially in the wet season. Check road conditions daily before travelling. Telephone Freecall 1800 246 199.
Vehicle Roadworthiness - Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy before travelling. Check tyres, brakes, lights and windscreen wipers are in good working order.
Photographs - Do not stop on the road to take photos. Leave your vehicle off the road in a safe area where it will not affect other traffic.
To check road conditions in the Northern Territory before you travel – use NT Road Safety freecall 1800 246 199