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Largs Bay, beachside

Largs Bay with its wide beach of white sand is a popular destination in summer. The jetty and landmark hotel reflect  the grandeur of days past when Largs Bay was the destination of passenger liners. There is ample well priced accommodation.

Largs Bay is approximately fifteen kilometres from the Adelaide CBD on the seaward side of Lefevre Peninsular. The area is well serviced by public transport with buses and trains.
Major shopping centres are nearby at Port Adelaide and West Lakes.

Windsurfers and kiteboarders frequent Largs Bay taking advantage of the ideal beach conditions. More information

Largs Bay jetty is a favourite fishing spot. 
Tide times


On  23rd December 1882 the Largs Bay seaside resort, the beginnings of Largs Bay, was opened. The project, built by the Largs Bay Land and Investment Company, was impressive and included a jetty to provide harbour facilities for overseas ships, a railway connected to the Fort Glanville line and a luxurious grand hotel for guests to stay. There were also six shops, to complement the Company’s land speculation ambitions for  development of Largs Bay.

Prior to the new Largs Bay development, the limitations of Port Adelaide’s shallow Inner Harbour and lack of a deep sea harbour near Adelaide had caused frustrations in the Colony. Various grandiose schemes had been mooted, but none had eventuated.

This grand develpment put Largs Bay on the map. Deep-sea ships anchored in the Bay and launches brought passengers, freight and mail to the jetty. Largs Bay jetty was an impressive 2100 feet in length (640 metres) and the railway line was connected all the way to the end. Special mail trains ran from Largs Bay jetty to the Adelaide GPO.

The new efficient service led to Largs Bay playing a strategic role in Australia’s postal system which became even better as more intercolonial railways were built.

When the railway opened between Melbourne and Adelaide in 1887, mail trains were arranged. From Adelaide, a special train to Melbourne delivered mail for Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. As soon as the lighthouse keeper at Cape Borda on Kangaroo Island sighted the mail steamer he telegraphed Adelaide with news of the ship’s imminent arrival. The mail service was so efficient the Victorian Post Office sorted mail on board as soon customs were cleared at Serviceton on the South Australia-Victoria border. Mail was delivered in Melbourne next day.

Largs Bay was kept busy with shipping until Outer Harbor was built by the South Australian Government in 1908.

In 1953 a severe storm damaged the Largs Bay jetty and when repaired it was shortened to one-third its original length.

Largs Bay Jetty

Largs Bay Jetty  B12549 State Library of South Australia

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