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The Oodnadatta Track and the Stuart Highway

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Gateway to Litchfield Park

Batchelor is in the heart of the Rum Jungle district. In 1874 Rum Jungle Hotel was built, so named (so the story goes) when a supply wagon with kegs of rum became bogged. Another tells of how a digger rode in with packsaddles bulging with gold after a successful crushing. During an uproarious night of celebrations, the packhorse wandered off. It was found weeks later, the precious packsaddle still intact.

In 1949 uranium was discovered and the town expanded to service the mine, one of the largest economic influences in the Top End. It closed in 1971.

Batchelor Airport was used extensively during WW11. Excitement still centres on the airport with skydiving activities on weekends. Batchelor caters for the many visitors to Litchfield park. Woodcutters Mine, Batchelor College- a tertiary Aboriginal college and Export Abattoir all provide employment to the town.

Litchfield National Park

Florence Falls is one of the numerous cascading waterfalls in Litchfield National Park. A walking trail leads around the falls.
Wangi Falls features a large permanent pool and Tolmer Falls tumble into a large deep pool.
Picturesque Sandy Creek (Tjaynera Falls) sits at the foot of towering paperbark trees.

There are 65,700ha in Litchfield Park. The scenic grandeur of the Tabletop and Tableland Ranges, pockets of dense rainforest, tropic woodland and permanent water make it a popular area for picnics, bushwalking, camping and exploring by four wheel drive.