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The Oodnadatta Track and the Stuart Highway

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Renner Springs

Renner Springs is a pleasant place to stay on the Stuart Highway in the heart of the Barkly Tablelands cattle country. It is located 135 kms north of Threeways and the Barkly Highway turnoff and 91 kms south of  Elliott.

Renner Springs was named after Doctor Frederick Renner. During the building of the Overland telegraph line, Doctor Renner noticed a large gathering of birds and on investigating discovered the springs, now Renner Springs. He was the doctor appointed to look after the construction workers.

Lubra's Lookout is a flat topped rocky outcrop just 5 kms south of Renner Springs. It’s a well known Aboriginal Landmark depicting the story of being a womens meeting place.
A climb to the top takes about 15 minutes and gives you spectucular 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside. It’s well worth the climb, especially at sunrise or sunset. Don't forget to take your camera for the magical views.

Attack Creek  Another 11 km south of Renner Springs is a monument marking the place where John McDougall Stuart, on his second attempt to cross Australia in 1860, was repulsed by hostile Aborigines. It became appropriately known as Attack Creek. It is now a roadside rest stop.

Churchill's Head Rock The rock has been named as it vaguely resembles a profile of Winston Churchill. It is signposted 78 km south of Renner Springs to the old Stuart Highway. Some wag has added a piece of pipe to make the image more realistic, so the profile appears to be smoking a cigar.

Renner Springs

Lubras Lookout near Renner Springs

Lubras Lookout, Stuart Highway 1950s Crt HCVC