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The Oodnadatta Track and the Stuart Highway

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Stuarts Well

Stuarts Well is a stopover between Erldunda and Alice Springs. Its name is derived from an old watering hole nearby where Explorer Stuart was able to get enough water for his party to continue his expedition to the northern coast.

During Stuart's second expedition to Central Australia, conditions were so dry, that their continuation northward was in doubt. They dug a hole in the Hugh River and were delighted next morning to find water had seeped in and there was enough for men and horses.

Rainbow Valley is not far from Stuart's Well. The track is 4WD only and the scenery is spectacular, especially when rain has fallen. The light picks up the reflections and gives a special Central Australian show. Rainbow Valley is part of a conservation reserve.

Chambers Pillar is also accessible from Stuarts Well. It is in isolated 4WD country also.

    Rainbow Valley

     Heritage buses at Stuart's Well