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Melrose and Mount Remarkable

Melrose is a picturesque small town at the base of Mount Remarkable in the Flinders Ranges, 270 kms north of Adelaide. It is the oldest town in the flinders ranges, established in 1853.
Nestled at the base of Mount Remarkable (955m high), it offers the visitor wonder experiences with walking trails, scenic beauty and prolific birdlife. Huge gum trees, hundreds of years old dot the landscape. There is a choice of good food cafes and hotels and a range of accommodation.

Heritage buildings in town add to its character and are a window to the past. Explorer Edward John Eyre named Mount Remarkable in 1840. Pasturalists soon followed. Conflict with the local Aboriginal people led to a police post being established in 1848, with acorporal, two troopers and an Aboriginal constable.
As pastoralists, miners and workers moved into the area, Melrose was the only town for more than twently years. Melrose Heritage Museum gives a good insight into the past.
The Goyder line passes just north of town (there is a monument to Goyder). the imaginary line that seaparates the country to the north where the country is unreliable for farming.

MOUNT REMARKABLEWalking trails from Melrose lead int Mount Remarkable National Park. Dramatic gorges, scenic walking trails and plentiful wildlife make it popular for bushwaking. Mount Remarkable Summit (960m high has impressive views of Willochra Plain and Spencer Gulf. Explore the Park's habitats – red quartz gorges, watercourses, lined with river red gums to grassy woodlands and high ridges.