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Gawler is a very attractive town. It was the first township to be established in South Australia after Adelaide. Its parklands, wide streets and beautiful buildings of local Gawler stone reflect the dignity and vision of the era. Gawler is the only township planned by Adelaide’s founder Colonal William light and was named after South Australia’s second governor George Gawler.

Gawler is 33 kms from Adelaide and a short distance from the wine growing area of the Barossa Valley. The township is set on the Gawler River which meanders from the nearby hills.

With the discovery of copper at nearby Kapunda in 1841 and Burra in 1848, Gawler prospered as an important stopover on the route. Flour milling and engineering industries developed.

Callistamon Gawler Hybrid (Harkness)
Gawler streets are lined with this colourful small tree with its bright red bottlebrush flowers in spring and summer. The original was bred in Gawler by Vi and Laurie Harkness, avid gardeners. This slightly weeping bottlebrush is hardy and a popular gardners choice as nectar feeding birds and other wildlife love it. Drought, heat and frost tolerant, it will grow in almost any soils.

Gawler is a great place to stay as there are town walks to explore with numerous historical buildings and parklands. It is not much more than a hop, step and jump to the Barossa Valley wine region and a short drive to Kapunda with its copper mining heritage.

There is a variety of accommodation and plenty of choices for lunch and dinner.

Gawler has shopping facilities of a city with the convenience of a county town.

    Main Street, Gawler

    Institute building, Main Street, Gawler

    St George's Anglican Church, built in 1858

    Calistamon Gawler Hybrid (Harkness)