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Redhill is a small town set on the banks of the Broughton River, just off Highway One, between Snowtown and Crystal Brook. The area is rural with mainly wheat and barley cropping as well as sheep grazing. Redhill is known for the landmark sculpture of a pioneer farmer and his horse.

The river meander through the centre of town and the historic bridge is of interest. A small park borders the river, ideal to strech your legs or walk the dog. Several establishments in Redhill serve meals and snacks.

There is a museum in the old Redhill Council Chambers with a colourful children's playground as well as amenities next to it.

Redhill was established in the late nineteenth century, with a hotel, blacksmith, general store, several churches and a school

Redhill was for many years the terminus of a broad gauge branch railway that was meant to continue to Port Pirie to connect directly with the standard gauge Trans-Australian Railway. This link was completed in 1938 with a triple gauge yard. In the 1980s lines were converted to standard gauge and the Redhill line was diverted to Crystal Brook.

Days past at the entrance to Redhill township

Redhill Museum