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Kellerberrin offers a variety of stunning attractions. Centrally located in the Wheatbelt, the town is a warm community. In the 1880s when it was proposed that the new railway line be located 11 miles from town and threatened prosperity, they banded together and got their line. Fine historic buildings grace the town, like the agricultural hall, now Kellerberrin Folk Musem. A heritage trail starts there and meanders through town to Kellerberrin Lookout.

Explorer CC Hunt named a nearby granite rock “Kellerberrin” after the Aboriginal Keella meaning large ant colony. The name is now used for the bi-annual Indigenous Cultural Festival, a day of dance, art, music and storytelling.

The town is home to IASKA Gallery (International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia) that produces stunning creations for all to view. It provides opportunities for international artists to come to Kellerberrin to live and work for 3 months to experience Australian rural life. These stays lead to original artworks based on their experiences.

Centenary Park provides relaxation in the town centre. Sweeping golden plains lead to attractions including Sharks Mouth, an Aboriginal protected site, Kokerbin Rock where there is a mini wave rock and devils marbles, historical Milligan Homestead built in 1871 and Baandee Saltlake which is filled with water at times. Mt Stirling/Mt Caroline offer magnificent views and are home to rare rock wallabies. In spring the countryside blooms with wildflowers
For more information call into Kellerberrin shire.