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Tammin is a small township in the centre of the Wheat-belt, with landmark wheat silos. An important focus is their goals to improve land degradation.
Tammin Alcoa Landcare Centre was set up* and is now renowned for its innovative landcare education program and hands-on approach. An airconditioned complex nearby accommodates up to 42 people. Whilst the centre was established for children, community groups are welcome.

Farmers from the South Tammin Catchment Group play a key role by establishing field study sites on their farms. These sites on watercourses and bush reserves allow salinity to be measured, water table levels and wildlife habitats to be monitored. Most farmers conduct visits to the farms themselves and provide information on managing farms.

Tammin Hydrology Model/Outdoor Function Centre project is under way.# It’s a tourist attraction to educate and entertain whilst addressing landcare issues. In time there will be a function centre and “Sound and Light Show.”

The hydrology model of around 10 square metres comprises two scenes depicting wheatbelt landscapes. One is an undisturbed environment with all systems in equilibrium. The other is a farm environment that has been extensively cleared showing ground water continuing to build causing water logging of ground surfaces with salt laden water. People can interact as bore pumps simulate the weather.

Other attractions nearby include Hunt's Well, Charles Gardner Memorial, a delight when wildflowers are in bloom and Yorkrakine Rock, a huge outcrop ideal for picnics.

*The Tammin Alcoa Landcare Education Centre was set up in conjunction with Alcoa of Australia Ltd, Agriculture WA, Education
Dept WA, and the National Soil Conservation Program.

#The Tammin Hydrology Model/Outdoor Function Centre involves the Shire of Tammin, Dept of Transport & Regional Services, the Western Australian Museum, the National Trust of Australia (WA) through its Golden Pipeline Project and BGC.