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Brookton is a small friendly town, central to the cereal and sheep producing farmlands. The name “Brookton” was taken from the first farm of 1846. Farming developed as settlers ventured south from York and escalated after the railway was built. The beautifully restored Old Railway Station houses the tourist centre and showcases local crafts. Attractions include Police Museum, Heritage Trail, Nine Acre Rock, Boyagin Rock Reserve and Yenyenning Lakes.
Boyagin Rock, an imposing outcrop with native bushland is 10 kms out of town. It is the home of numbats and tammar wallabies and little plants called pin cushions.
Nine Acre Rock is a popular picnic spot with BBQs. It was the home of Jack Hanson, a colourful Danish character who left his whaling ship on reaching Albany. The ruins are a fascinating step back to pioneer days when life was not easy. The buildings were made from local rock and timber and terraced gardens were watered from a gravity fed system.
Brookton is renowned for the Old Time Motor Show, held bi-annually (odd years), the King of the Hill off-road racing and a magnificent Wildflower display in September.
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