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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Eucla is the first settlement encountered in Western Australia when crossing the Nullarbor and the last when travelling east into South Australia.

The sandhills at Eucla was a welcome stopover point for Edward John Eyre's party as it is only one of two places where fresh water can be found on the Nullarbor Plain. (Eyre's Sandpatch is the other).

Eucla also has a weather station which monitors the weather.

There are no sparrows or starlings in Western Australia. Any that venture to the far west of South Australia are trapped.

Eucla was the site of one of the important overland telegraph repeater stations which brought telecommunications from South Australia to Western Australia in the late 1800s. The ruins of the telegraph station master's house can still be seen, as can the jetty.

Eucla was the busiest station on the line. It was staffed by both South and Western Australians who would sit at a long table passing telegrams back and forth. They had to contend with time differences (90 minutes) between the Colonies and also a different system of morse code.

The line was kept open by linesmen who travelled up and down the line. Ships visited every three months, unloading supplies on to the jetty.