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Southern Cross on the Great Eastern Highway is 371 kilometres from Perth and  224 kms from Kalgoorlie. Southern Cross is the major town in the Shire of Yilgarn
where mining and farming are the main industries.

Gold was discovered in Southern Cross in 1888 by Tom Risely and Mick Toomey who named the place after the stars that had been their guide. Many of the streets are named after stars or constellations.

Wimmera Hill lookout provides a panoramic view of the township and surrounding countryside. A number of attractions in the area include Baladjie Rock, Frog Rock, Karalee Dam, Frasers Mine and Hunts Soak. During spring the wildflowers put on a spectacular show. There are dainty rock orchids unique to the area, flowers and large bird attracting grevilleas and other shrubs.

 Just out of town is the old cemetery, where many of the gravestones form part of the Pioneer Memorial. In the centre of town the Yilgarn History Museum is open daily and tells the fascinating story of hardships and joys of the early days.