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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Hopetoun is a small seaside village west of Esperance. The pristine beaches are well known for great fishing. Hopetoun is the eastern entrance to the magnificent Fitzgerald River National Park. There are magnificent wildflower displays in the area in spring with more than 700 species.

The Fitzgerald River National Park

The Fitzgerald River National Park is an internationally recognised Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO. Diverse landscapes, protected beaches, rugged sea cliffs, steep ranges and extensive plains are all to be enjoyed. It is one of the largest (329,039 ha) and most botanically significant national parks in Australia. More kinds of animals live in the park than in any other reserve in south western Australia. There are 184 bird species and wildflowers are abundant in spring. Whales can be sighted in season.


Ravensthorpe, nestled in the Ravensthorpe Range, and Hopetoun, the eastern gateway to Fitzgerald River National Park are in the midst of native bushland with beautiful scenery. The bush blooms all year round and the diversity of wildflowers in spring are glorious. There are a number of drive trails. No small area in Australia (possibly the world) can claim more species. The Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show (first two weeks in September) displays more than 700 different species.