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Southern Gateway to Everywhere

The historic goldfields town of Norseman is the ‘Southern Gateway’ to everywhere – be it North, South, East or West. Established in 1894 as a result of the horse Norseman unearthing a piece of gold bearing quartz, it has a rich history of gold mining and many tales of the characters and incidents that are woven into the life of the town.

Norseman holds the distinction of being the longest continuous mining operation and is currently owned by Croesus. Mining is vibrant and the future is looking good.

The township is surrounded by beautiful unique woodlands, stunning ancient granite formations, lots of picnic camping areas and offers many nature/history based activities.

Corrugated Iron Camels on Prinsep Street are a tribute to the early camel trains that carried mail and freight.

The Historical Collection, housed in the Old School of Mines building gives a fascinating insight into the early pioneer days.

Beacon Hill Lookout & Walk Trail is a short 2km drive from the town centre. From here there is a fantastic view in every direction and the opportunity to stroll along a track through some of the beautiful bushland with rustic seats dotted along the way.

Phoenix Park on Prinsep Street, just a few minutes from the town centre has a series of pathways leading to exhibits of mining buildings, machinery and equipment. It is an educational display of earlier mining styles with informative signage at each exhibit.

Granite Woodlands Discovery Trail linking Norseman to Hyden and Wave Rock is an adventure trail to suit all tastes. The drive encompasses delightful camping spots, spectacular granite formations and views, walk trails and during August to October, there are stunning displays of wildflowers.