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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Madura is a small settlement on the Nullarbor Plain providing services for travellers. It is is located 115kms west of Mundrabilla and 91 kms east of Cocklebiddy. The escarpment by the Pass provides sweeping panoramic views of the area and the settlement below.

The area is of interest for its blowhole (on the escarpment) the Mullamullang Caves (to the northwest) and for its ancient fossils found in the area. The old Madura Homestead to the west of the roadhouse is accessed by an old dirt road.

Edward John Eyre's party passed by quite close to the site in 1841. The John Eyre restaurant inside the Madura Pass Oasis Motel displays a number of historic paintings of Eyre and his companion Wylie.