Tourist Information Distributors Australia
Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Border Village

Border Village, is on the South Australian side of the SA/WA border, 500 km west of Ceduna. It is the last South Australian settlement when crossing into Western Australia and the first encountered from the west.

A vigilant watch for produce is kept at quarantine stations at Border Village for Western Australia and at Ceduna for South Australia. Eat your fruit before you get there. Honey, plants and seeds are also not permitted into Western Australia.

It is just a short drive from the historic site of the Eucla Telegraph Station and the ruins of the station master's house can still be seen amongst the shifting sands. The old jetty where all supplies were unloaded also remains.

There are no sparrows or starlings in Western Australia. The Nullarbor Plain forms a natural barrier for the pests and any that migrate are caught near Eucla.