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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Nundroo is located on the Eyre Highway on the eastern edge of the Nullarbor Plain 160 kilometres west of Ceduna and 347 kilometres east of the S.A./W.A Border.

In the 1860s the Nundroo area was settled by pioneering sheep graziers. It was later incorporated into the Yalata and Fowler's Bay Sheep Runs covering several hundred kilometres eastwest along the South Australian coastline.

By the 1880s these vast sheep runs were broken up as original pastoral leases expired and opened up to the more intensive farming practices of wheat and sheep.

Today the area still continues with sheep grazing and grain growing even though the area has a marginal rainfall.

For the traveller crossing the Nullarbor Nundroo is a welcome rest stop.

Nundroo is central to the beautiful beaches of Fowlers Bay, Scott’s Beach, Mexican Hat, Wandilla Beach, Cheetamah Beach and the Dog Fence Beach. For access to most beaches, you don’t need a four wheel drive and the fishing is fantastic. Why not go fishing for the day and bring your catch back to Nundroo and the chef will cook it for you free of charge in the restaurant?