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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
Sea to Outback
Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Ceduna & Thevenard

Ceduna, on the shores of Murat Bay, is the hub of the far west coast. Norfolk Island Pines shade lawns opposite the jetty and line the main street. There is an excellent range of shopping and recreational facilities.

The name "Ceduna", a derivative of the Aboriginal “Chedoona” (resting place), is aptly named as the place to stay before or after your trip across the Nullarbor. It is an ideal holiday spot with great fishing, sheltered beaches and mild climate. Wheat crops and sheep farming are the main industries, as well as fishing and gypsum and salt mining. Oyster farms are thriving in the pristine waters.

Thevenard, on a narrow peninsula, adjacent to Ceduna, is the deep sea port. Silos full of wheat and piles of salt and gypsum are ready for the ships that frequently call. A long conveyor belt transfers either product to the ship’s hold. Thevenard is also home to the fishing fleet and the fish factories who export the fish all over the world.

Denial Bay, named by Matthew Flinders in 1802 reflects his disappointment at not finding an inlet to the centre of Australia. After meeting Flinders at Encounter Bay, French Captain Nicholas Baudin sailed west naming Thevenard and Murat Bay amongst others.  Denial Bay Jetty is excellent for fishing and crabbing.  It was once was the second longest jetty in South Australia.

Decres Bay is ideal for swimming and snorkelling in the clear water with rock fishing from the granite peninsula.
Laura Bay
has sandy coves for swimming and many species of birdlife inhabit the Laura Bay Conservation Park.
Davenport Creek is an ideal picnic/fishing spot with both open sea and sheltered sandhills.
Goog's Track (4x4 only) - Ceduna to Malbooma and east to Tarcoola. It's a track for experienced 4WD drivers only.