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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Poochera is a small service town in the centre of Eyre Peninsula’s Wheat Belt.

The farms around Poochera grow mainly wheat with some barley and oats with sheep and cattle.

Poochera is a good stopover along the way.

The township is set off the highway and there's an attractive BBQ area in the centre of town.

The historic rabbit trapper’s hut nearby is a window on the past when times were tough.

The Poochera Museum houses interesting local relics from the pioneering days. The folk who run it are happy to open up for visitors. (Phone number in window)

The most unusual local residents are the Dinosaur Ants (Nothomyrmecia macrops). The Ants, previously thought extinct, were discovered at Poochera in 1977.

A site has been fenced and protected, enabling a four year study of these rare Ants.

In 1931 two Dinosaur Ants were found near Esperance, but none have been found since then, despite searches.

In 1995, 74 Eyre Peninsula locations were surveyed. The Ant was found at 17 of these. They frequent “old growth” mallee woodland.

Worker Dinosaur Ants are distinctive with pale yellow colour, large eyes, elongated mandibles and a sting - unlikely to be confused with other Australian ants.

Studies reveal they lack the social qualities of other ant species, apart from living together. Workers are predatory, taking live prey.

Unlike other ants, they tolerate low temperatures and forage alone after dusk, navigating between ant nests and trees using the tree canopy like a map.

The scenic Gawler Ranges are some 30 kms distant and can be explored in spring and autumn. The Ranges are accessible by 2 wheel drive vehicles and make an interesting day drive or an enjoyable camping trip.