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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
Sea to Outback
Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Kimba, The Eastern Gateway to the unspoiled Gawler Ranges, was established in 1915. Situated “Halfway across Australia” on the Eyre Highway, Kimba is a major wheat producing area in South Australia.

Visitors can enjoy the magnificent 360º view from White’s Knob Lookout of Kimba and district, visit the Kimba and Gawler Ranges Historical Museum or wander the Roora Walking Trail.

Kimba is the ideal base for day trips of exploring and sight seeing. There are more conservation parks in this area than anywhere in SA.

Take an hour’s drive north and discover Eyre Peninsula’s Outback with the spectacular Gawler Ranges (accessible by 2 or 4WD).

Spend the day discovering the splendour of the Organ Pipes Amphitheatre, or Lake Gairdner (home to the world’s land speed record), ancient volcanic domes and search for seasonal spring waterfalls and pools.

Breath fresh air, relax among the wildflowers - it’s a chance to see and photograph over 140 species of native birdlife and native fauna.

Common to the area are the big red and western grey kangaroo, euro, wombat, Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby and the Mitchel Hopping Mouse.

Explore some of Kimba’s best kept secrets, with a short drive to Lake Gilles, or check out the view on walking trails at Carappee Hill (highest point on Eyre Peninsula) and Mosely Nobs.

Other drives include Caralue Bluff, Darke Peak, the Pinkawillinie, Corribinnie and Hambidge Conservation Parks or Secret Rocks (Refuge Rocks).