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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Iron Knob

What a Hole!

Each year an average of one million tonnes of ore was taken out of the Iron Knob open cut mine. More than 150 million tonnes of ore was mined - often with more than 70% ore content. Most of it was processed at Whyalla.

The Iron Knob Mine closed in 1999 after 100 years of operations. All that remains today is an enormous 500m deep hole in the ground. Mining operations have moved to Iron Duke where the view of 85 tonne trucks driving in the massive open cut mine look like matchbox toys.

Iron Knob has excellent facilities including shady parks with rest rooms, post office/newsagency with internet services, a roadhouse, playground, 9 hole golf club and colourful murals. Iron Knob is a friendly stopover.

The successful Errappa Blue Light Camp is adjacent to the tourist centre. It is quite amazing the feats the young people perform in complete safety under supervision of fully qualified police officers. The camp was set up as a self development camp for youth which utilises the redundant miners’ quarters. Its aims are to establish positive relationships for young people with police officers, provide recreational opportunities and increase participants self esteem. Errappa is the Aboriginal name for a site near Iron knob.