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Smoky Bay

Smoky Bay is a quiet, peaceful seaside village and is an ideal holiday destination. The protected waters are renowned for excellent catches of fish and the local oyster industry is flourishing. The sheltered beaches and jetty are ideal for swimming and water sports.

A nine hole golf course and tennis courts are available for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike, as is the boat ramp for fishing enthusiasts.

Smoky Bay, was named by Captain Matthew Flinders in 1802 when he saw smoke from the fires of the Aboriginal people camped here.
On the road into Smoky Bay you will notice three buildings (now private homes). They were part of the vital East/West Telegraph Line, relaying messages east and west that linked Western Australia with the rest of Australia and the world.

If you are partial to Oysters, while in Smoky Bay take the opportunity to enjoy a feast of the world’s best!