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Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is a picturesque coastal town and the hub of the rural and fishing community. It is situated on Flinders Highway on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula, approximately 720 kms from Adelaide and 100kms from Ceduna.

Summers are warm and winters mild with an average annual rainfall of 378mms.

Streaky Bay is a favourite holiday spot, renowned for year round fishing and the Streaky Bay Snapper, which run from October to the end of December. There are two boat ramps.

Swimming and other water activities are enjoyed in summer. There are picnic and BBQ areas on the foreshore.

Around Streaky Bay the coastline is scenic.  There are numerous beaches to visit, just a short drive from town and the natural attractions are unique.

Scenic Trails

Westal Way Loop Drive takes in High Cliff, the Dreadnaughts, the Granites, Smooth Pool, Speeds Point and the Yannerbie Sand Dunes.

Cape Bauer Loop Drive provides views of more rugged coastlines with Hally's Beach, Whistling Rocks and mangroves.
Fishing is excellent along here. Roads are not sealed, so take care and stay on established tracks. The Visitor Centre supplies mud maps.

Sea Lions

Point Labatt, 55kms south of town is home to Australia's only permanent mainland colony of sea lions. Binoculars are an advantage.

At Baird Bay (see Baird Bay) you can swim with the sea lions on a unique tour.

Murphy’s Haystacks, Smooth Pool and Yannerbie Sand Dunes

Scenic attractions include Murphy’s Haystacks, Smooth Pool and Yannerbie Sand  Dunes.

Murphy's Haystacks, the distinctive weathered rock outcrops can be found just off the Flinders Highway, 40kms south of Streaky Bay between Streaky Bay and Venus Bay. The distinctive granite rock formations are known as  inselbergs. They are a photographer's delight.

Wheat Farming

During the 1800s wheat farming was established and huge stacks of bags full of wheat were seen on the wharf after harvest during good years. Today wheat is stored in silos until shipped away. The district''s focus is on high protein hard wheat and some barley and other cereals are grown. In recent years farmers have investigated and diversified into other products. Damara sheep are accustomed to harsh, low rainfall areas and Boer goats and olive trees are seen to have potential here.


Marine products are sent all over the world from Streaky Bay. Oyster farming and land based Abalone farming are two industries of recent times. Fresh oysters are available.  Several fascinatting marine industry tours are on offer and can be booked at the visitor centre.

Early Days

Streaky Bay has the distinction of being viisited by four famous explorers:
Dutch explorer Pieter Nuyts in the Golden Zeepaard visited the shores in 1627.
Captain Matthew Flinders in the Investigator named the inlet Streaky Bay In 1802 while circumnavigating Australia.
Edward John Eyre and his party made use of the waterhole south of town in 1839.
John McDouall Stuart  and small exploration party rode to Streaky Bay  Station in 1858 after running  desparately short of food while exploring around the Coober Pedy area. They were grateful to find someone there.

Streaky Bay was well placed with sufficient underground water for a pioneer settlement. The township was established as land was opened up for farming. A new 60km water pipeline from Poochera reached Streaky Bay in 2002.

The Old Schoolhouse Museum and the Powerhouse Restored Engine Centre depict the area’s settlement and pioneering days. Streaky Bay Heritage Walk brochures are available from the visitor centre for a self guided town walk.

Eyre's Water Hole

Edward John Eyre established a camp here in 1839 on his first journey through the region. Eyre's party waited for him at Streaky Bay before journeying westward across the Nullarbor on route to Albany in Western Australia.

The waterhole was an important water source for the Wirangu Aboriginal people.


Streaky Bay is a family friendly holiday destination. Children's Learn to Swim classes are held each year during the Christmas holidays and a community library is available at the Streaky Bay Area School.

The Streaky Bay area presents plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkelling and surfing along the coast. Bird watching and  walking are also enjoyed. The town is well served with sporting clubs. Visiters are welcome at Streaky Bay's Golf Club and Bowling Club.

Streaky Bay

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Streaky Bay

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Sea Lions at Point Labatt
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