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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Venus Bay & Port Kenny

The tranquil sheltered waters of Venus Bay contrast with the booming surf of the Great Australian Bight, a short distance away.

The cliff-top walk takes in a magnificent view.

Dolphins are aften seen in Venus Bay.

Surf fishing is popular as well as fishing from the jetty and small boats in the bay.

Port Kenny is a small township on the northern shores of Venus Bay where the sheltered waters of the bay provide great fishing.

Talia Caves

South of Venus Bay/Port Kenny and north of Elliston is a tourist drive which accesses the spectacular Talia Caves, carved out by the pounding surf. There is a walkway access to one of the caves. A little further along at the end of the route is the sweeping Talia Beach, a favourite for surfers and for rock fishing.

Murphy's Haystacks

Murphy's Haystacks, interesting granite rock formations are north of Venus Bay.

Point Labatt Sea Lion Colony

Point Labatt Sea Lion Colony, north of Venus Bay is  is home to the only permanent mainland sealion colony in Australia. Binoculars are an advantage.

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Murphy's Haystacks