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Elliston, a pleasant coastal town on beautiful Waterloo Bay, is ideal for fishing and relaxing.

A picnic area with gas BBQs overlooks the bay, as does the Golf Course.

Tranquil waters sheltered by the reef are perfect for swimming and sailing. It’s an underwater paradise for divers.

The long jetty, built to transport grain, is lit at night. There are two boat ramps and a pontoon. The fishing is excellent.

Fresh crayfish and aquaculture tours are available in season.

Elliston was named after Ellen Liston, governess for a pioneering family. The Elliston Mural depicts life in the district from the early days until today.

Elliston's Great Ocean View - The cliff top drive to Anxious Bay offers magnificent views of rugged cliffs and islands along the spectacular coastline. Whales, Seals and Dolphins are regularly spotted.

Sculptures on the Cliffs Festivals are held biannually (during even years) from the end of March until the end of May. The venue is stunning - artworks can be seen via the clifftop and by sea.

Lock’s Well is the famous salmon surf fishing beach. For many years, it was worth the climb down to the beach. Today fisherfolk have access via the 283 step “Stairway to Heaven”.

Elliston Jetty
Spectacular Cliffs at Elliston
"Stairway to Heaven"