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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay, sited on one of the most beautiful estuaries in Australia, is surrounded by conservation parks.

There are often magnificent sunsets.

An oyster walk follows the shoreline for 12 kms. Coin operated BBQs are provided.

The bay was named by Flinders after his friend Sir Isaac Coffin.

Sheltered bays are ideal for fishing, boating and swimming. Launching ramps, jetties and marinas are all here.

There is a range of accommodation. Shops provide basic requirements and the Golf Club welcomes visitors.

Coffin Bay National Park, 30,000ha on the south/west tip of Eyre Penninsula, has scenery, birdlife and native animals.

The Peninsula was a haven for the wild Coffin Bay Ponies for many years. The ponies originated from the early Timor ponies brought in by the settlers of the district.

Part of the park is accessible by car.
Permits are available at the Park entrance.