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Sea to Outback
Exploring the Eyre Highway. Across the Nullarbor

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Where the Outback Meets the Sea

Whyalla, South Australia’s largest provincial city, enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with around 300 days of sunshine a year. The City’s green belt contrasts with the semi arid red plains, saltbush and Western Myall trees of the surrounds. Whyalla is well served with shopping and recreational facilities. Millions of dollars are earnt here for the nation each year by OneSteel and Santos.

Australia’s largest land-locked ship HMAS Whyalla dominates the northern entrance to the City, reflecting Whyalla’s ship building past. In the 1880s Iron ore was found at Iron Knob. A tramway soon connected the mine to Hummock Hill where ore was shipped out. The town was proclaimed in 1914 and named Whyalla. In 1940 BHP expanded in Whyalla and built blast furnaces and shipyards. Sixty six ships were built - HMAS Whyalla was the first ship launched and four ships saw action in WWII. The shipyard closed in 1978.

Leafy Ada Ryan Park, gardens and shaded lawns by the Whyalla foreshore, is a lovely picnic spot. Hummock Hill Lookout, the first settlement site offers 360º panoramic views and of the vast OneSteel plant. Flinders & Freycinet Lookout commemorates the bicentenary of charting the coastline. Flinder’s Journals (1814 ed) can be seen at the Whyalla Maritime Museum. Freycinet Trail, a scenic coastal drive / walking trail links the century old Point Lowly Light House and Fitzgerald Bay.


The protected waters of the gulf make Whyalla a popular fishing destination. Anglers frequent the jetty and the marina has boat launching facilities, lawned areas and BBQs.
The boat ramp has excellent facilities with wash down taps and an area for fish cleaning with table and taps for wash down. The marina pontoon makes crew pick up a breeze.
Whyalla, renowned for snapper fishing is known as  Australia's  snapper capital! Fisherfolk come from far and wide for the Australian Amateur Snapper Fishing Championships held at Easter with $20,000 in prizes

BHP’s fully integrated steelworks opened in 1964 (now OneSteel). Tours of OneSteel are the only regular public tours of their type in Australia and give a good insight into converting rough ore to the finished product.


Every year Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) migrate to the waters of the Upper Spencer Gulf from early May to mid August.  It is one of the most spectacular natural events in Australian waters. Thousands of the creatures congregate to mate and lay their eggs on the rocky reef areas in the shallow waters off Whyalla at Point Lowly and Black point.
Cuttlefish are known as the "Chameleons of the Sea" because of their amazing ability to change colour, texture and shape. They use this talent to impress a mate or to imitate rocks, sand or seaweed if danger looms.
Divers come from all over the world to witness this spectacular phenomenon.